Privacy Policy

Understand how we use your data

Sci-Fi Fantasy Reads is commited to preserving the privacy of visitors.

We do not collect private information from visitors without their explicit consent.

In the future we might use a tracking device such as Google Analytics, and we might track where visitors are coming from and from which country they are accessing our website. This information will never be made public or shared with anyone.

The information collected about books is posted on the website. Authors and publishers who fill out information about their books agree that this information is public and searchable at Sci-Fi Fantasy Reads.

Some links to retailers are affiliate links, meaning that visitors have a cookie tracking them at the destination website. The Affiliate Websites never disclosure IPs or any identifying information. Sci-Fi Fantasy Reads might disclose to authors how many people have bought their books after visiting Sci-Fi Fantasy Reads.

Payment for listing fees and other services is not processed at this website. We do not store payment information such as credit cards.

Private information from authors or publishers such as email addresses and phone numbers are never shared with any third party.

We collect emails given voluntarily from people who wish to receive a newsletter with information for readers or authors. All recipients of these newsletters can cancel them at any time by following instructions in the bottom. Emails collected will never be made public or shared with anyone who might use them for any means. These emails will be posted at a third-party newsletter service, with the sole goal of sending the emails from Sci-Fi Fantasy Reads. The third-party service is Mailchimp, which is a reputable newsletter provider and never shares or sells email addresses with anyone. In case of a security breach, you will be informed by email within one business day.

For inquiries, please email [email protected] or write to: 4661 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC, H2T 1R2<