How to list and promote your book
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The goal of Sci-Fi Fantasy reads is to allow readers to find books more easily. Another goal is to allow independent books and books by small publishers to be found due to their specificity.

We promote your books by allowing readers to get a glimpse of the content, tone, themes and elements in the book. The idea is to allow readers interested in the type of book you wrote to find them. Unlike other websites, our book promotion is not about "bargain books" or any method that undervalues writers. The idea is to value and promote the content and style of your book. Books posted here will remain for at least a year, so this is not a flash promotion either. This is a website for writers and publishers looking at long term exposure and benefits. 

Books posted and promoted here benefit from a growing blog and a twitter account. The header displays ramdom books so that writers benefit from cross promotion. This is a growing website, but one that focuses one quality versus quantity.

We list books written in English: novels, chapter books, graphic novels and short story collections.

The books we promote have to contain at least one element of speculative fiction (magic, supernatural elements, advanced science, other planets, etc.).

Books or eBooks must be available for purchase at Amazon, Indigo/Chapters, B & N or iBooks.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Reads accepts Middle-Grade, Young-Adult, New-Adult and adult books, including books with mature content.

In order for me to create your custom book page and index your book on the engine, you need to fill out a questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is validated, the author will receive an email in order to confirm the listing, which is valid for at least one year.

- Authors or publishers entering their books until August 26th, 2017 pay only $11.

-The regular fee for a yearly listing is $22.00 US. Canadian residents pay in Canadian dollars. 

Please keep in mind that this fee covers website maintenance, time spent entering the information and adding images, and advertising to attract more readers, in order to provide a great experience for readers and publishers.

After one year, the listing remains, but the book won't be listed as "featured"anymore. The author or publisher can choose to renew the entry for $7 for another year.

This fee is meant to keep website costs and also to avoid cluttering the website with books that are no longer being promoted or whose authors or publishers are not interested in listing.

Authors and publishers can request to have their books removed at any time. 

Modifications: An author or publisher can make two modifications per year. A modification can be a request to add an author website, change the blurb, change the genre, or add a link to a retailer. The third modification costs $7 but includes a one-year renewal valid from the date when the modification takes place. (Mistakes made by us do not count as modifications. If you see something wrong, please let us know)

Books yet to be published: Books can be listed as long as they have links to online retailers and a cover. If a book still does not have any of these items, it is better to wait.

If you agree with these terms, proceed to list your book:


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