The Heir

The Amulet Saga Book 1

Avily Jerome

  • Novel
  • Formats: Ebook and print
  • Adult        Rating: 14 and up
  • Part of a series but it stands on its own
  • Genres:
    • High Fantasy
    • Magic, Witches and wizards
The Heir

The kingdom of Legerdemain is dying. The king's sorcerers daily deplete the earth's energies, and the king himself uses magic to control his people. The people need someone they can trust to overthrow the king, but no one has the power to thwart his magic.

Rina is nothing more than the daughter of a tavern maid, but when she defies the king's sorcerers, she must hide. She is trapped within the limits of the kingdom by magical creatures that haunt the surrounding forest. Her only means of escape is the forest itself, from which no one has ever returned.

  • Elements:

    • fantastic beings
    • kingdom (s)
    • legendary creature(s)
    • magical object(s)
    • magicians from different religions
    • magic in any form
    • princess (es)
    • wizard (s)
  • Themes:

    • facing obstacles
    • greed
  • Violence or battles: fairly important for the plot
  • Romance:

    • One or more romantic arcs, fairly important to the plot.
    • Male-female.
  • Intimacy: Passionate kisses or making out.
  • Cursing: No cursing
  • Humor: The book is not funny

  • Characters:

    • Main protagonist(s) is(are) female
  • Author: Avily Jerome

    • Phoenix, AZ, USA
    • Avily Jerome is a writer and the editor of Havok Magazine, an imprint of Splickety Publishing Group. Her short stories have been published in multiple magazines, both print and digital. She has judged several writing contests, both for short stories and novels. She has also been a writing conference teacher and presenter, and co-emcees the annual Realm Makers conference. In addition, she enjoys speaking to local writers' groups.


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