Slightly Behind and To The Left

Claire Light

  • Short story collection
  • Formats: Ebook and print
  • Adult        Rating: 18 and up
  • Stand alone
  • Genres:
    • Contemporary Fantasy
    • Contemporary Sci-Fi
    • Genetic Engineering
    • Hard Science Fiction
    • Parody
Slightly Behind And To The Left

Claire Light's fiction shifts our perspective just enough off-center to render the world we know a strange and unfamiliar place. In this volume, a woman with the most thankless job in space will calculate a new kind of "cold equation" to get her home to port. In a fantastical place where adulthood is the biggest threat to adolescent boys, predators arise from unlikely quarters.

In a world with wonky physics and no gravity, a lone human learns the meaning of "reckless endangerment of alien life." And an alien abduction is only prelude to a long phantasmagoric journey. Interspersed with evocative flash fictions, this collection of stories luxuriates in the weird and wonky, half-lit realities and sidelong looks at painful truths.

  • Elements:
    • advanced technology
    • aliens (friendly)
    • aliens (hostile)
    • aliens (many species)
    • magic in any form
    • planets (alien or many different ones)
    • space-travel
  • Themes:
    • broken hearts
    • social inequality
    • conflict with authority
    • facing the unknown
    • family ties
    • feminism
    • journey
    • racism
    • religion vs. science
    • understanding the other
  • Violence or battles: at the heart of the plot
  • Romance:
    • One or more romantic arc (s) is (are) central to the plot.
    • Male-female.
    • non-binary
  • Intimacy: Sexual acts are sometimes described in detail.
  • Cursing: Mild cursing
  • Humor: The book has a moderate or high amount of humor
  • Characters:
    • Main protagonist(s) is(are) male and female
    • Aliens from different planets
    • Black
    • Middle-Eastern/ North--African
    • East--Asian
  • Author: Claire Light
    • San Francisco, USA
    • I was born in Hong Kong in the middle of the Cultural Revolution, but (unlike my sister) not in the middle of a riot. I grew up in upstate New York, Arizona, Hong Kong, Ohio, Beijing, China, and Michigan. Sort of in that order. I am a multiracial, transnational faculty brat, with all the concomitant privileges and advantages.


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