Shards of History

Shards of History Book 1

Rebecca Roland

Shards-of-history (1)

Feared and reviled, the fierce, winged creatures known as Jeguduns live in the cliffs surrounding the Taakwa valley. When Malia discovers an injured Jegudun in the pine forest of the valley, she risks everything--exile from the village, loss of her status as clan mother in training, even her life--to befriend and save the surprisingly intelligent creature. But all of that pales when she learns the truth: the threat to her people is bigger and more malicious than the Jeguduns. Lurking on the edge of the valley is an Outsider army seeking to plunder and destroy her people. It's only a matter of time before the Outsiders find a way through the magic that protects the valley--a magic that can only be created by Taakwa and Jeguduns working together. "Fast-paced, high-stakes drama in a fresh fantasy world!" -- James Maxey, author of the Dragon Age trilogy.

  • Elements:
    • army (ies)  (any type)
    • animals (supernatural or fantastic)
    • dragon (s)
    • fantastic beings
    • kingdom (s)
    • legendary creature(s)
    • magical object(s)
    • magic in any form
    • scary creature (s)
  • Themes:
    • conflict with authority
    • deceit
    • diversity
    • facing the unknown
    • family ties
    • feminism
    • friendship
    • girl power
    • understanding the other
    • war
  • Violence or battles: fairly important to the plot. Moderately described
  • Romance: One or more romantic arcs, but not important to the plot. Male-female.
  • Intimacy: just kisses
  • Cursing: rarely
  • Humor: The book has some lighthearted moments
  • Characters:
    • Main protagonist(s) is(are) female
    • Important characters are balanced  male - female
    • Main Characters' ethnicity or ancestry is fantastic race(s)
  • Author: Rebecca Roland
    • Portland, OR, USA
    • Rebecca lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she writes primarily fantasy and horror. Her first novel, Shards of History, is available from World Weaver Press. Her short fiction has appeared in Uncle John's Flush Fiction and in Stupefying Stories, and she is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop. When she's not writing, she's usually spending time with her family, torturing patients as a physical therapist, or eating way too much chocolate.


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