Sea of Crystal, Sea of Glass

Benita J. Prins

Sea of Crystal, Sea of Glass

When faced with the impossible and the unthinkable, choose the impossible. All that fifteen-year-old Einur Landman has left in the world are his flock of sheep and his beloved little sister. The entire purpose of his life is to keep Lody safe from the Illyrië. But what he never expected was that it would be his own name that was drawn for the child sacrifice. Leaving Lody with his promise to return, Einur escapes into the wild where he meets a stranger who outlines a way to bring down the Illyrië. Forced to choose between Lody's probable death and taking on the powerful Illyrië, Einur takes the latter.

In his quest from his mountain village, through countless dangers, to the sea itself, everything Einur believes will be tested. For Lody's sake, can he make a final crucial choice and stand firm to the end?

  • Elements:
    • army (ies)  (any type)
    • dragon (s)
    • fantastic beings
    • kingdom (s)
    • magical object(s)
    • magic in any form
    • scary creature (s)
  • Themes:
    • childhood
    • facing the unknown
    • family ties
    • friendship
    • war
  • Violence or battles: fairly important to the plot. Moderately described
  • Romance:
    • Not present in the plot.
  • Intimacy: Characters do not interact that way in the book.
  • Cursing: Rare cursing
  • Humor: The book has some lighthearted moments
  • Characters:
    • Main protagonist(s) is(are) male
    • Mostly male important characters
  • Author: Benita J. Prins
    • Ontario, Canada
    • Benita J. Prins has been writing since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. Her imagination likes to work over time, and this is at the root of her love for fantasy. She loves to be inventing and feels at a loss when she doesn't have a fantasy location to flesh out. When not writing, Benita keeps busy with music, filmmaking, and increasing her already enormous book collection. Some of her favourite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Michael O'Brien, John Buchan, and Jane Austen.


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