Fractured Days

Shards of History Book 2

Rebecca Roland

Fractured-Days, Rebecca Roland

FMalia returns home the hero of a war she can't remember. The valley burning under the Maddion's invasion, the fate of her late husband, the way she resolved the long-time distrust between the Taakwa people and the wolfish, winged Jegudun creatures--all of it has been erased from her memory. Malia hopes to resume training as her village's next clan mother, but when the symbiotic magic that she and the Jeguduns used to repair the valley's protective barrier starts to consume more and more of her mind, she's faced with the threat of losing herself completely.

A powerful being known as "the changer" might hold the solution to her vanishing memories. But the Maddion's new leader, Muvumo, also seeks the changer, hoping the being will cure them of the mysterious illness killing off his people. Meanwhile, Muvumo's bride hopes the changer can bring about a new era, one in which she and the other Maddion women no longer need to hold onto their greatest secret.

  • Elements:
    • army (ies)  (any type)
    • animals (supernatural or fantastic)
    • dragon (s)
    • fantastic beings
    • kingdom (s)
    • legendary creature(s)
    • magical object(s)
    • magic in any form
    • scary creature (s)
    • Whitch(es)
  • Themes:
    • social inequality
    • facing the unknown
    • family ties
    • feminism
    • girl power
    • masculinity
    • racism
    • rebellion
    • understanding the other
    • war
  • Violence or battles: fairly important to the plot. Moderately described
  • Romance:
    • One or more romantic arcs, fairly important to the plot.
    • Male-female.
    • Female-female
  • Intimacy: sex described without details occasionally.
  • Cursing: rarely
  • Humor: The book has some lighthearted moments
  • Characters:
    • Main protagonist(s) is(are) female
    • Important characters are mostly female
    • Main Characters' ethnicity or ancestry is fantastic race(s)
  • Author: Rebecca Roland
    • Portland, OR, USA
    • Rebecca lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she writes primarily fantasy and horror. Her first novel, Shards of History, is available from World Weaver Press. Her short fiction has appeared in Uncle John's Flush Fiction and in Stupefying Stories, and she is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop. When she's not writing, she's usually spending time with her family, torturing patients as a physical therapist, or eating way too much chocolate.


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