A Shift Toward Prey

Chronicles of the Fringe Book 1

Natalie Allison

A Shift Toward Prey
FFor too long, Chiari Jhahn has been forced to watch her elder sister's savage regime destroy the very heart of the Shifter Realm. And now it seems as if her sister, Huntress Reyhani, is hell-bent on starting a war with their long-time enemies, the Vampires of the Everdark. After a disastrous confrontation leaves a prominent leader dead and the peace negotiations stalled, Chiari feels she has no choice but to start a revolution--it's either that, or watch her people become nothing more than prey for a much stronger predator. Chiari must use every ounce of her intellect and cunning to build a rebellion that will topple her sister from power. But when her friends prove to be worse than her enemies, Chiari finds herself drawn into an intricate web of political intrigue and personal betrayal that could end up igniting the war she'd hoped to stop. For Chiari and her companions to succeed, they must uncover a conspiracy of continental proportions and root out the war-mongers who are threatening to destroy the fragile peace between the realms. But Vampires aren't the only monsters in the dark---and they're not the only predators out for blood. Their shared dream of peaceful coexistence may be nothing more than a naïve fantasy. When political ambition is matched against predatory instinct, the phrase "coming back to bite you" takes on a whole new meaning.
  • Elements: 
    • army (ies)  (any type)
    • animals (supernatural or fantastic)
    • dragon (s)
    • fantastic beings
    • kingdom (s)
    • magical object(s)
    • magicians from different religions
    • magic in any form
    • sword fight(s)
    • vampire(s)
  • Themes:
    • conflict with authority
    • deceit
    • ethics
    • facing obstacles
    • facing the unknown
    • family ties
    • friendship
    • girl power
    • greed
    • journey
    • politics
    • rebellion
    • understanding the other
    • war
  • Violence or battles: fairly important to the plot. Highly described
  • Romance: not present
  • Sex: not present
  • Cursing: Mild
  • Characters:
    • Main protagonist is female
    • Balanced gender division in important characters
    • Protagonist's ethnicity or ancestry is not applicable
  • Author: Natalie Allison


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