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Sometimes I catch myself going through reviews not to know whether a book is good or not, but to try to understand what is inside it. Yes, for sure, the blurb, genre, metadata and descriptions can help a lot, but sometimes the trick is in the details.

That’s when I had the idea for Sci-Fi Fantasy reads. Is there romance, is there no romance? Are, uh, intimate scenes described in detail? Those are things I wonder when I want to pick up a book. And I have my pet peeves. I don’t really like when feminist books have a minority of female characters. I don’t know. Sometimes it can make sense, but sometimes it doesn’t. But at least I would like to know before reading that it’s a book about women in a masculine world. Again, of course it can make sense, and of course it can be feminist, but I want to know.

Now, I felt that the idea was to have books with ingredient lists, just like food. And I don’t know if the comparison makes sense or not, but I do know that I’m a weird person: I love sushi and I hate cucumber! How can that be? Anyways, I always look carefully at what’s inside my sushi roll. I also like burritos. Now, sure, I’ve heard there’s no decent Mexican food in Montreal, but let me be, I find it pretty decent. But it’s not all the same. A burrito is a burrito, right? Right? Oh, it depends. It can come with or without guacamole, with or without cheese, with or without rice. I’ve even seen it with green peppers, which, I thought was weird, but hey, what do I know? Anyways, it’s good to know I’ll find green peppers in it before I order or decide not to order.

So now we have Sci-Fi Fantasy reads, And although it’s not meant to be a comprehensive catalogue, all the books here were posted with care and love by the authors and by me. And I think it works. As I started reading what’s in each book, I actually wanted to read them! You know, like the burrito. I read beans, chicken, guacamole… and my mouth can start watering imagining what the combination of these ingredients is going to be like. Well, I felt the same about the books here!

And why fantasy and science-fiction? Well, first because I like these genres, second, because I think there are some common elements that can tie these books together for a project like this. Although, actually, I considered it and thought somebody could do something similar for literary fiction. For elements, they would have: enui, white people’s problems, minorities as inferior and suffering, boredom of being male and white, and… I think I’m going off track a little. Anyways, I did it with speculative fiction. I guess any genre could be classified in sub genres and any genre has common possible elements, but that’s a whole other story. For now we can look at the elements on the books at Sci-Fi Fantasy reads.

So I hope you enjoy it and come back for more books with that special ingredient you love!



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5 months ago

I’m sure such a book as this will be a one-time solution to the worries of many women and men alike out there. Tasty food is not only about what goes into the pot, but also the rightful amount of such ingredients. “Ingredient is a nice meal, and a nice meal is ingredients”. Quite interesting!

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